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Are you looking for a construction accident attorney? A construction site accident can be catastrophic causing permanent disability, loss limb, blindness, head injury, fractured or broken bones, amputation, scarring, and wrongful death. With the experience of 1000 s of cases, Construction Accident Attorney Jim Brady is ready to help guide you through the process and get you everything you deserve.

Need A Construction Accident Attorney? Suffering from an Injury?

Construction sites can be dangerous and a variety of serious injuries can result. In far too many construction accidents, the injured worker may be unable to return to work for months or worse, become permanently disabled.

In Massachusetts, Workers’ Compensation may pay for a portion of the medical bills and lost earnings, but does not fully and adequately compensate you for permanent losses and disability arising from a grave construction site accident. In such cases, you not only need a trusted workers’ compensation lawyer, but one who can handle the so called third party case.

A construction accident can happen because of:

  •     Falling Debris and Materials
  •     Electrical Shock and Burns
  •     Anchor Bolt Failure
  •     Roadway Safety Defects
  •     Improper Setup of Scaffolding
  •     Ceiling and Wall Tile Failures
  •     Falls Through Unprotected Holes
  •     Nail Gun Failure
  •     Safety Code Violations
  •     Electrical Explosion
  •     Improper Site Inspection
  •     OSHA Violations
  •     Defective Ladders
  •     Roof and Wall Collapse

  •     Inadequate Shoring
  •     Construction Debris
  •     Defective Power Tools
  •     Explosions
  •     Improperly Stored Materials
  •     Toxic Chemical Exposure
  •     Unguarded Trenches and Platforms
  •     Worn or Defective Rope or Cable
  •     Faulty Stairs
  •     Inadequate Wiring
  •     Defective Power Equipment
  •     Flying Debris
  •     Toxic Fumes

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construction-accident-attorney-massachusettsIf you have a construction site injury, you need proper representation. You need someone who will see your case through to the end, get you the financial and medical support you deserve and be by your side every step of the way to deal with the legal system and insurance companies.

Construction Accident Attorney Jim Brady and Associates can help you. Jim is a seasoned trial attorney with over 29 years of experience. He has helped 1000’s of people make their life better by winning the maximum settlement they deserve and getting them the support they need. Jim understands the process and will make sure that you do too.

Construction Accident Attorney Brady is dedicated to helping people like you, who have been involved in a construction accident in Massachusetts, get outstanding results.

I needed an attorney who was bright, articulate, knowledgeable, loyal, would fight for me, and believed in me and my case which is why I selected Jim Brady. After a long and difficult trial, the jury found in my favor and I won my case. Jim was diligent, tireless, and totally immersed himself into my case and circumstances.He spoke to my friends and family members to obtain information that was critical to my success. He was invested in me. He did his homework. I recommend Jim because he will represent you presidentially, professionally, and sincerely. He will fight for you with every breath in his being. I am proud to say that Jim Brady is my attorney, and I know that he will work as hard for you as he did for me.
RC, (Name withheld to honor client's identity)

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