Auto Accidents Walpole Norwood DedhamHave you been in an Auto Accident?

Every year, over 5 million auto accidents take place in the United States with over 2 million Americans injured and 30,000 killed. Those astonishingly high numbers mean that almost one out of every fifty Americans will be in a car accident in a given year. In fact, an auto accident occurs every 14 seconds. Given this high frequency of occurrence, it’s important to know where to turn if you find yourself the victim of such an accident. In any auto accident, especially one in which personal injury is sustained, an experienced legal team can make all the difference in securing financial restitution for your injuries. Injury Attorney Jim Brady and his experienced team have been serving Massachusetts for over 30 years and know how to guide you through your case. Jim Brady & Associates understand how to protect your rights and will ensure that you are awarded the financial benefits to which you are entitled.

From fender benders to head on collisions, auto accidents of any kind can result in serious injury to anyone involved. And because auto accidents take place at such a high rate, some professionals may treat your case as nothing more than another statistic. But with Jim Brady & Associates you’ll be the focal point for a team of highly trained experts who are looking to provide you with the service and results that you deserve.

And that expertise is needed. After a 2010 study, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that the cost of medical expenses and productivity losses related to auto accidents was nearly $100 billion. Despite their frequency and the casual tone that often surrounds them, auto accidents are anything but routine and often have a significant financial impact on those affected by them. With so much at stake, you’ll want an experienced attorney like Personal Injury Attorney Jim Brady on your side when it’s time to make your case.

Jim Brady and his team the necessary experience and expertise to help you and your family through the aftermath of an auto accident so that you don’t become just another statistic. Jim Brady & Associates have years of experience dealing with auto accident cases and they have helped their clients to recover millions of dollars in damages. Given how frequently auto accidents occur and how dangerous and costly they can be, it’s very important to rely on a seasoned team like Jim Brady’s to handle the legal procedures associated with your accident. Take advantage of that experience to make sure that you receive all that you’re entitled to in the wake of your accident.

If you or a loved on is the victim in an auto accident, reach out to Attorney Jim Brady & Associates today. They’ll be there to help you every step of the way as you begin to pave your road to recovery.