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You’ve entrusted a family member or loved one to an assisted living facility or nursing home and now you suspect abuse. There’s no need to give up hope because help is here. Nursing Home Malpractice Attorney Jim Brady can bring the abusers to justice and get the financial compensation your loved one deserves.

When Nursing Home Abuse Happens, Help Is Here…

Nursing-Home-Malpractice-Attorney-massachusettsNursing home negligence is a major problem in America.

According to government figures, one out of four nursing homes is cited for seriously injuring a resident or causing death every year, and that doesn’t include the incidents which are not reported.

The fact is, too many nursing home owners behave as if profits are more important than resident care.

But fear plays a factor. Your loved one may be reluctant to complain about the abuse because they are concerned with retaliation or embarrassment, and you may not be able to clearly recognize the warning signs.

Some of the common signs of abuse and neglect are:

  •     Bed Sores
  •     Open Wounds
  •     Soiled Clothing and Bed Sheets
  •     Unkept Appearance
  •     Broken Bones or Bruises
  •     Unexplained Injuries or Bleeding
  •     Dehydration
  •     Malnutrition
  •     Medication Errors
  •     Physical Abuse
  •     Unexplained Changes in Behavior
  •     Refusal by the Staff to Allow Unsupervised Visitation
  •     Overmedicated Residents
  •     Medical Errors
  •     Loss of the Resident’s Possessions
  •     Unexplained Bank Activity
  •     Sexual Abuse
  •     Abrupt Changes in Financial Documents

Now that you know what’s going on, what can you do?

No matter what form nursing home abuse takes, it should be reported to the police, nursing home officials and other authorities as quickly as possible.

That’s where Nursing Home Malpractice Attorney Jim Brady and Associates can help. For over 29 years, Jim has helped 1000’s of Massachusetts residents get the maximum settlement they deserve. He’ll advise you of your rights, guide you seamlessly through the process, take on the nursing home’s legal staff, expertly prepare your case and see it through to trial (if needed) so your loved one gets what is rightfully theirs.

Nursing Home Malpractice Attorney Brady has the experience and know how to see that justice is fulfilled for your family member. Jim cares. He believes the most vulnerable people in our society should always be treated with compassion and respect.

His goal as a nursing home negligence attorney is to provide you (and your loved one) with the best representation and secure the most advantageous outcome possible.

When nursing abuse affects a family member or loved one, help is just a phone call away.

Nursing Home Malpractice Attorney Jim Brady and Associates gets results. Let them get results for you.

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