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“Thank you very much! You did a fantastic job and I really appreciate everything! That went extremely smooth and I am truly grateful!”

— Nancy

“My experience with your office with my personal injury case was awesome, considerate, compassionate, and very efficient. The result of your work was beyond my expectations. Many Thanks.”

— Joanne Downey

“Dear Jim and Anne, We wanted to send our heartfelt thanks to both of you for all you have done for our family.  At a time of extreme stress in our lives your patience, caring and responsiveness were just what were needed.  As a result we were able to place our focus on our daughter’s medical care, where it needed to be.  From day one we felt we could put our trust in you for all legal matters and knew you had our best interest at the forefront. We were so lucky to have been referred to your office.

With Warmest Regards,”

— The Smith Family

“Dear Jim, Thank you so much for all you’ve done for me. It speaks volumes about you as a man and attorney that you kept pushing for me when I wanted to give up. I am so glad you did. Please accept this token of my appreciation for you and your staff. Again, I am forever in debt as you have changed my life. Yours will always be the first name I mention when someone needs an attorney.



“Dear Attorney Brady, I wanted to take a moment to personally thank you for the relentless advocacy put forth by your office regarding my personal injury case. The compassion and diligence demonstrated by your office was nothing short of outstanding. I can tell you I came away with a truly different perspective about attorneys and the role they can play in helping everyday people who, through no fault of their own, find themselves in difficult circumstances.

On the day I stepped in to your office and met with you and your staff, I had little idea what to expect. I had never dealt with an attorney for anything other than buying a home at that point. All I knew Is that I had found myself the victim of a violent attack and was left with thousands of dollars In mounting bills and medical costs.

For well over a year, your office put a significant amount of time, effort, and resources into my case. Your office kept me in the loop from the very beginning… always ensuring my questions were answered and that I remained fully aware of all the details and happenings of my case. I found your transparency and responsiveness to be very comforting throughout my ordeal and it allowed me to focus my attention elsewhere, with the knowledge that I was in trusted hands.

I would be remiss If I did not specifically thank Anne Schmidt from your office, who handled and tracked nearly all my medical bills associated with my injury. Anne was an absolute joy to work with. She is someone who possesses a tremendous amount of patience and empathy. With bills coming from at least seven different offices on a seemingly never-ending basis, I simply could not have managed all of this alone without Anne.

Lastly, I must thank you for delivering on what was most Important: RESULTS. You are truly an advocate for those in need. It takes special people to put in such incredible effort over such a long period of time to fight for an “Average Joe.” Your office maintained a realistic sense of optimism from day one… and in the end we came out on top. I cannot thank you and your office enough for your help.


(Full name withheld to honor our client’s identity)

“Jim is a true professional. I have worked with him for 13 years. He does a great job and makes the real estate closing process fun for my customers. I highly recommend him.”

— James O’Malley
Senior Loan Officer at Leader Bank

“Jim is one of the finest attorneys in Massachusetts.”

— Howard Lewis
Senior Partner, Lewis & Leeper, LLP

“I have worked with Jim Brady on numerous occasions over the years and referred him to numerous friends, relatives and acquaintances. The results of Jim’s work and the reliability and soundness of his advice are always superb.

Particularly impressive is that if one’s issue involves an area of the law where Jim believes a client would be better served by a colleague with more experience or knowledge in a specific discipline, Jim is not reluctant to refer the matter for advice or action to another colleague with that specific expertise, while remaining involved himself to assure the matter gets the appropriate attention.

I would contact Jim Brady first on any legal matter, regardless of the seriousness, because I know I will get a rapid response and the best advice available.”

— Gary Dayton
Retired from A.W. Chesterton Company

“Dear Jim, It has been months since we settled the Workers’ Compensation claim and I have now started receiving Social Security Disability benefits. I often think about how odd that is and how it feels. I always end that feeling knowing that I 100% feel right about it. It is not something I thought would be in my early future but yet all my medical problems were not either. I have worked hard all my life and am devastated that I can no longer work.I meant to send you this letter earlier but I have once again been dealing with some more medical problems (I am about 110 pounds right now, normally 133). I have been going through some more tests for some answers. I also turned 40 recently and that was a little harder than I thought it would be, especially with what is going on now in my life.

I cannot thank you and your colleagues enough for the spectacular job you did representing me in my Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability case. You not only understood my medical issues, you also understood me and how deeply emotional it is to go through this. Ted and I will always thank you for coming into our lives when we thought there was no hope for some kind of help. You are the definition of a lawyer who represents their client honestly and upfront in a world that can sometimes be tough to handle or even understand!

Thank you for helping us have a lot less worry about our future right now. If there is ever a time that you need a reference or someone would like to speak with me on your behalf, please don’t hesitate to call. I wish you, your family and colleagues a happy and loving life.

I look forward to talking to you sometime in the future.”

— Nancy D
(Full name withheld to honor our client’s identity)

“As I tuck away all of the papers we’ve sent back and forth over the last 10 months, I think of how our lives could have been so different had we not met you. Even though we are in our early seventies, my husband and I have never used the services of an attorney, and feel very fortunate that we had a mutual friend to lead us in your direction.

We can now close the book on the final chapter of our automobile accident, but without you and your terrific sidekick, Anne, it would have been very stressful. After we made contact with you I felt like we were in good hands, and could “semi” relax.

Thanks to you both for your kindness and for steering us though this complicated process. We certainly hope we don’t need your services again, BUT know where to come if we do.”

— Barbara
(Full name withheld to honor our client’s identity)

“When I discovered my company was being sued and I could lose a significant amount of money and assets, I contacted Attorney Jim Brady for help. After our initial consultation, it was clear I had the right person to help me. I decided to work with Jim because I knew I needed a seasoned trial attorney who would see this through to the end.

Jim did an outstanding job and left no stone unturned – in a very cost effective and diligent manner. He covered every possible detail which made me feel secure from the beginning and throughout the lengthy trial. Jim’s efforts saved me millions of dollars. To this day he remains my advisor and legal counsel for personal and business matters.

I highly recommend Jim. He will take the time to understand your needs and advise you to help attain the best possible resolution of your problem.

I would be willing to discuss my confidence in his abilities at any time.”

— SS
(Full name withheld to honor our client’s identity)

“Jim, what a relief. Thank you for your professionalism and tenacity, I really appreciate how well you have handled everything considering the complexities of my case. It is good to know I could not have better counsel. Without you I would have never received my Worker’s Compensation checks!”

— FM
(Full name withheld to honor our client’s identity)

“This being our first time needing an attorney, we were quite reserved in making such an important decision. We interviewed a few attorneys and found none were as warm and understating as Mr Brady. He took the time to calm our fears and explained everything to us, in terms that we would understand. In the weeks that followed, his professionalism and genuine concern for our situation confirmed that our decision to have him represent us was the correct one. Many cases require a lot of time and investigation and Mr Brady gave us his complete attention. He gathered information needed for our case, met with all parties concerned, and kept us informed by telephone, text (while he was on vacation!) and email. When we met in person, he met with us at our convenience, sometimes after hours, to accommodate our schedule. He also informed us of our rights to additional benefits we were not aware of that were separate from our case. Mr Brady offered to assist us with completing forms to obtain additional benefits provided by the government. Our case took its course and Jim was at our side until it was resolved.

Mr. Brady was compassionate and listened to our issues and concerns. He did not judge us for our fears and clearly explained each step in the legal process and its expected timeline. He was honest and treated us with dignity during a very difficult time in our life. We would recommend Mr Brady and his staff for any legal matter that his office handles.”

— WM & EM
(Full name withheld to honor our client’s identity)

“I needed an attorney who was bright, articulate, knowledgeable, loyal, would fight for me, and believed in me and my case which is why I selected Jim Brady.

After a long and difficult trial, the jury found in my favor and I won my case. Jim was diligent, tireless, and totally immersed himself into my case and circumstances.He spoke to my friends and family members to obtain information that was critical to my success. He was invested in me. He did his homework.

I recommend Jim because he will represent you presidentially, professionally, and sincerely. He will fight for you with every breath in his being. I am proud to say that Jim Brady is my attorney, and I know that he will work as hard for you as he did for me.”

— RC
(Full name withheld to honor our client’s identity)

“Dear Jim, Thank you for everything Jim. Having you in our corner has always given us peace of mind. 2011 has not been the best year for us but you helped to end it on a good note and for that we will always be grateful. Thank you!”

— John and Kathy

“Dear Jim, We are sitting in our new apartment with Shadow our pound rescue dog, and our life is so much better. You have helped make our life so positive. I was so fortunate to have met up with you and your law firm.

When I started my Social Security claim I had no idea what to expect. Unfortunately I am still unable to work but we now have some money to help pay our bills. With help from my doctors I hope to be back to work soon.

I cannot thank you enough.”

— LM
(Full name withheld to honor our client’s identity)

“Dear Jim and Ann, Thank you both very much for all your professional assistance with my car accident. It allowed me the comfort of healing without having to worry about the legal matters. You both certainly brought me great peace of mind.


— SG
(Full name withheld to honor our client’s identity)